He is now a Senior Vice President of ACN, Inc.

ACN is the largest direct seller of services which are essential to daily life, including telephone, high-speed Internet, wireless services, television, natural gas, electricity, and much more. The company began operating in 1993 as a product of the vision of four individuals:  Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz. They felt that other companies within the industry were not operating in a satisfactory manner and they decided that they should simply start their own. Their vision was that theirs would be a company that is founded on integrity and honesty.

Max Knowles and Company
Max Knowles and Company

Two decades later, the company is being endorsed by the world’s most well-known entrepreneur, Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump and the four founders are set to make ACN the company that the rest of the industry will aspire to.

At ACN, they make sure that they provide their independent business owners, or IBOs, are given all the possible opportunities to be as successful as they would like to be. Among the many people involved in the company who have taken full advantage of all the opportunities the company has to offer is Max Knowles. Mr. Knowles joined the company right after high school and, without having any prior work experience, was able to work his way to success. He is now Senior Vice President of ACN and on track for achieving much more.

Tips for Effective Recruiting and Setting Up Home Meetings

When you’re in the business of MLM or Multi-Level Marketing, it is important to learn about effective recruiting and setting up home meetings. In one of his talks uploaded on the Dynasty International YouTube channel, Max Knowles dishes out tips for effective recruiting and setting up home meetings. Knowles serves as an SVP and Circle of Champion for ACN, Inc., and he has been with the company for over seven years now.


As Knowles shares the story of how he started with ACN, Inc., he talks about how new members can effectively recruit and set up home meetings. He stressed the importance of realizing that every “No” that you receive from prospects gets you one step closer to a “Yes,” so do not feel frustrated if you fail to get results right away.


In fact, when you invite 30 people to an event, only half or even less might show up. This is something that you should not think too much about, because it’s not the numbers that are important,  it’s the interested numbers. Once you have gathered together enough interested people to show up for your event, you can apply the techniques for effective recruiting. From there, you can set up home meetings and only spend time with the individuals who you know you will get positive results from.


As an ACN, Inc. Independent Business Owner, success is not guaranteed. Instead, it is influenced by your individual efforts. So if you take the time to learn about effective recruiting and setting up home meetings, you will be one step closer to achieving your goals. Emergency meetings and follow-up meetings are equally important so that you can impress upon the IBO the importance of what you are offering to them.

Max Knowles – ACN SVP/COC – Success Story

Living the Dream
Max and Teanna Knowles are living the dream life they designed.


by Alicia M. Collier from Success From Home Magazine

Max Knowles began his postgraduate life working various jobs while contemplating law school. Teanna Knowles waited tables and bartended before seizing the ACN opportunity. Separately, they achieved Regional Vice President status. Together, they formed a happy marriage and pooled their ACN teams for a matchup poised to grow the Latin America market.

“Right now we’re training local people on our system,” Max explains, “but they’ll be ready for Latin America. Even if they don’t speak Spanish—that will be bonus—but they’ll use the same skills.”

Working under the premise that relationships build teams and that rapport fosters business, Max and Teanna are busy surrounding themselves with like-minded, positive team members and leaders with a passion for the business.

A Dream Life by Design

When considering the ACN opportunity initially, both Max and Teanna were taken with the idea that their lives could be exactly what they designed. Today, they are living their dream. “I live in my dream home, drive my dream cars, live a dream life and married my dream wife!” Max says.

For Teanna, that dream life means taking vacation at will, living in a condo overlooking the ocean, having a personal assistant, a maid and helping others achieve whatever their dreams may be. “We really are living our dream life, which is helping other people and helping others help themselves,” Teanna says. “But we are looking ahead to a new chapter, including starting a family, and building a legacy.”

A Latin American Legacy

While Miami’s proximity to Latin America offers a natural entry into the
market, Max and Teanna don’t have specific ties to the region—just a desire
to follow the global vision of ACN’s leaders. By following the ownership
team’s example, Max and Teanna feel assured of their international success.

“Their vision, their integrity, and their relentless work ethic—that is what sets
ACN apart from any other company, period,” Max says.

Teanna also credits the ownership team with the company’s 20-year history.
“I’ve never met a group of guys who were so readily available for you to talk to and

who were so involved,” Teanna explains. “Knowing they have our back and aren’t just looking out for their best interest, well, I’ve just never seen anything like it.”

Max and Teanna focus their team-building efforts on those individuals who are interested in the opportunity, who have a demonstrated integrity, and who are hungry to be a part of it. The Knowles are excited to invite others to command their own financial future.

“There are no limits. It just takes work ethic and time, and you can live the life you design,” Max says. “I never stop learning and I am constantly focused on taking myself, my business and my life to the next level.” SfH

There are no limits. It just takes work ethic and time, and you can live the life you design.

Max Knowles ACN Status: Senior Vice President
Home: Florida
Key to Success: Always remain a student and never stop learning.

Max & Teanna Knowles
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