MAX KNOWLES from Freshman to Millionaire


In what can be seen as a total turnaround from freshman to millionaire Max Knowles is the living example of the truth that if someone has a burning desire, work ethic, the right opportunity and coach, anyone can be successful.

Max became an entrepreneur in 2004 when he was 18 year of age. Initially Max’s goal was to pay for college but as his business began to grow so did his desire to become a full time entrepreneur. By Max’s 12 month in business he started earning in excess of $10,000/month. No one in Max’s family had ever made that type of money and at that moment Max made a decision to walk away from school against his family’s wishes to become a full time entrepreneur.

Max became a student of network marketing. Spending thousands of hours learning and seeking information from books, speakers as well as mentors who were “already successful”. After realizing most “leaders” were really false prophets and most trainings were just a tactic used to sell you more stuff without ever giving you effective “how to” strategies, Max took it upon himself to create his own system based on what he knew that worked and didn’t work.The system was later branded as “The Dynasty Process”. With years of tweaking, experimenting and evaluating, The Dynasty Process has evolved into the most consistent, results driven method in network marketing today! With the “Dynasty Process” Max was able to earn millions of dollars, hit the pinnacle of his company and in turn he has mentored many other people to achieve 6 figure and 7 figure incomes. “The Dynasty Process” has been used by many organizations across the globe to build their teams in network marketing as well as sales teams in other industries. There’s s no question, Max has built something significant that will change the way business is done for the new generation of entrepreneurs. If you are tired of wasting money and time over the methods of the past from gurus who claim to have done it, it times to connect and experience “The Dynasty Process”.

Max Knowles is currently residing in Chicago expanding new markets and building new teams. Max’s current goal is to build 100 million dollars in new revenue within the next 3-5 years. If you are interested in learning about how you can be a part of the expansion contact Max at and at