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2 Minute Tuesday - Is being obsessed a bad thing?
Max Knowles on  October 29, 2018
Have you ever wanted something so bad, that you obsessed over it?

You think about it day in and day out.
Planning for it, dreaming of it, and talking about it. 

People around you think you’re crazy because from the outside looking in, you’re consumed by it.

Maybe it’s a business that you’re getting into.
Maybe it’s a new relationship you’re excited about.
Or maybe it’s getting a new home or car.

Whatever it is, being obsessed is NOT a bad thing.

I believe “obsession” if used correctly can be a magnetic force that draws people, places and things into your life, to help you manifest your vision.
A lot of people say they want “success,” but when you look at how they use their 24 hours, most of it is spent on everything but their “success.”

They say they have a job, they have kids, they have obligations. Which is why they can’t spend the time they’d want to on their “dreams.”

Well, news flash if someone was truly obsessed and committed to making it happen, they would find a way, make way or force a way and they would refuse to let circumstance stop them.

If you’re not experiencing the success you want, then maybe you need to turn up you “Obsession Level” to a new high. 

We’re all Ferraris but most of us are driving in 1st gear.

Ask yourself, are you truly obsessed with your goals, and vision for the future?
Does your time, energy and resource allocation reflect it?

If so, then congrats in advance because you will be successful.
If not, then it's time to get honest with ourselves and redefine what it is we truly want. 

The worst thing is to continue living our life in a delusion. It's time to wake up, get serious and make it happen...
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