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3 Tips To Online Presentations For Beginners
Written by Max Knowles on December 5, 2018
If you are presenting your business online, you are faced with more than just giving a compelling sales pitch. You are fighting against the endless inbox alerts, Facebook status updates and annoying text messages from other people/businesses vying for your prospects attention that you've worked so hard to get.

With that said, we need to expect distractions as part of the playing field of presenting your business online. 

Don't fight it, cure it. 

You Only Have 7 Seconds To Make A Strong First Impression. 
I would say if it's on the internet, it's even less!

In this short article, I will give you 3 solid tips to ensure you're able to cut through the noise of distractions, keep your prospects attention so you can connect on a deeper level and excite your prospect into action. 

So let's start with that...
Keep Your Audience Captive
A huge challenge to an introduction is engaging the audience’s attention. 
A digital presentation is harder to get and maintain someone’s attention. 

Social media, blog posts and videos all can be paused, set aside, or “saved” to be looked at on a different day, which then can lead to them being forgotten altogether.

So how do you do this? It’s a good idea to preface your introduction with statements of what you are going to provide your audience. 

An example would be “How to generate more sales, increase profits in 3 easy steps”. 

Notice how it does not talk about you as the writer or presenter and focuses on what your audience can learn in your introduction, which is what gets their attention. 

Remember the acronym: WIIFM
All your prospect is thinking is "What's In It For Me?"
attention image
Your introduction has to hit your prospect where it matters most. 
The 2 most common motivators are avoiding pain or seeking pleasure.

I recommend writing out a list of common pain/pleasure points that your target market experience. 

From there, tailor your introduction to your prospects goals, needs & wants. By doing this, not only will you grab your prospect's attention. You'll come across as someone who understands them. 

The feeling of being understood can be even more powerful than the actual product or service you're selling.

Treat your audience as if they are the most important part of your introduction. 

Answer the unasked question of “what’s in it for me?”. 

When they feel as if they are important, they believe you are going to help them, so they begin to feel that you care about them, which will leave them wanting to focus on what else you have to say next.
Get Them Thinking
Once your audience knows what you’re providing them, it’s a good idea to get them thinking about a future with your product. This is a transition from getting their interest and having them imagine what their lives would be like with your services.

I suggest presenting your audience with these questions to get them to think about their future:

          1. “How would you feel if…?”
          2. “What would it feel like if…?”
          3. “What is that worth to you?”

In my 15 years of experience and asking these questions, I've yet to hear any negative responses to these questions. These questions engage the audiences and allows them to imagine their life being better with your help.

By using these “feeling” questions, you completely focus your audience on the question, and not what is going on around them. 

At this point, outside distractions lessen, as they are hooked into this imaginary future that you can provide them. They are now open to hearing what you have to say and how you can show them how your business can help them get to their desired destination.
thinking image
Make it Relatable
Although the introduction says to make it about the audience, it is also important to share your story. 

There are millions of autobiographies and rich entrepreneurs who travel around to tell people about their story. 

The typical “underdog” story is a classic, and for good reason.

Once you’ve proven your authenticity, it is imperative, that you highlight your results. 

To maintain relevancy, compare your results as something they would like to see. 

For example, state how much free time you may have to spend with your family now that you have effectively accomplished all your tasks for the day because of these tips.

Your story, your results, your successes, and failures all give you authority and reliability that makes your audience trust what you are saying is legitimate. 

This adds a relatable, authentic, and vulnerable element to your market that makes others believe that you know the route to success.
be authentic
To summarize, this is what you need to make sure your digital network marketing efforts is a success through your introduction:
  • 1. Capture your audience’s focused attention with a powerful introduction.
  •  2. Ask them questions to encourage future thinking and maintain focus. 
  •  3. Share your path to success, what helped you and your results. 
As simple as it seems, this is the best path to take in order to be truly successful. In digital marketing, the typical pushy salesman style simply doesn’t work—what does work is tailoring your pitch to your audience, and these three steps are the best way to success. 
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