Max Knowles is Disruption.

He has built his success on the foundation of innovation, obsession and unmatched determination.

Earning him the name Beast Mode…He brings a different level of intensity to every game that he plays.

Whether it’s business, speaking, consulting, or creating, he goes ALL IN, ALL THE TIME. 

The value Max brings is his energy, focus and deep understanding of how to create movements through the masses.

He is a master architect when it comes to creating systems, strategies and processes that exponentially impact profit, growth and leadership for any company that has a sales force.

Max’s expertise stems from his 15 years of working in the trenches and building high performance sales teams around the world that produced hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Before I continue, here’s a short message from Max Knowles himself. 
A Message From Max...
So you're probably wondering who am I really...

Maybe you know me personally, or you've heard about me online or though someone you know. Either way, we could sit down for hours talking over coffee about life, business and purpose but we'll have to save that for next time. 

So let's begin...
My name is Max and I was born in Miami. What a lucky kid!
Miami is full of energy, passion and crazy ambition.

Miami really is an up and coming city where "nobody's" can become "somebody's" with pure hustle and grind. 

My parents met at Jackson memorial hospital where they both were working as nurses. My mom is an immigrant from the Philippines and my fathers is a New Yorker with Puerto Rican & Bahamian origins.

Yep, I know... that would make me Filipino/Puerto Rican/Bahamian...What a mix!

I've got a sister named Madeleine and she's probably one of the smartest people and strategic people I know. 

She's not super outgoing but she's definitely a shark. Quiet but deadly....She get's shit done.

My wife Deanna, we call her D for short. She's a small island girl with big city street smarts.
She is the most caring, thoughtful, intelligent woman I've ever met. She's from Hawaii so that explains her "Ohana vibe." Deanna has also lived in Texas, California and Chicago which has made her versatile in her surroundings. 

No matter where she is or where she goes, she can make the most of any situation. 

She comes from the cosmetic world where she built counters for Mac cosmetics. She eventually evolved into an entrepreneur when she got started in network marketing almost 10 years ago. 

We met in our network marketing company a few years after my divorce. 
What drew me to her was how down to earth, authentic and passionate she was. 

It was complete 180 from any relationship I had been in, in the past. It wasn't about status, money or material things. 

It was about connection, communication and real love. Definitely a rarity!

Being from Miami, young & successful, I've had a chance to see A LOT so I had something to compare our relationship to. 

I also have a daughter named Camille. She's the light of my life and has given me a whole new perspective. She's made grow in ways I never expected. 

She lives in Seattle with her mother, which means Deanna & I travel back & forth each month to visit her. 

Since Deanna & I both run businesses, we have the freedom to travel without concern. 

Right now our focus is to continue building businesses that allow us to be free So can continue to operate from a place of true creativity vs. need and greed. 

That's my number 1 motivator in any business decision I make. What's the long term outcome? Freedom or Restriction. 

I learned this at a young age.

I've been very fortunate throughout my life. I've experienced incredible success as well as failures over the last 15 years. By the age of 21 I earned my first million dollars and by 23 spent every penny and by 27 grew my MLM earnings to over $5 million then diversified into different industries where I was able to duplicate the same results. 

I've been able to lose it and make it , again and again, learning the science of producing consistent results not just for myself but for the people I serve. 

My story is summed up by what I call the "Success Cycle"
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If you want to learn more about the "Success Cycle" Listen to this podcast episode...

I got my start in business at 16 years old when I launched a music school. It actually happened out of necessity. I applied to regular jobs with my friends and never got a callback. That’s when my dad gave me the idea to teach guitar. He said, "you've got skills, so why not get paid for it." So I started my first business and charged $20/hour for lessons. I eventually grew it to group lessons and started making even more money. I did this until I was 18 and then transitioned. 

I started college at Florida International University with the plan to become a lawyer.

But of course, my inner entrepreneur got me looking for ways to make money so I could pay for law school. 

That's when I got introduced to network marketing as a way to make residual and leveraged income. It was love at first sight. 

At first I got a lot of negativity from my friends and family, but eventually, they came around to the idea. 

I struggled at first but after a 18 month I eventually learned the game then went on to master it.  

After 18 months I was earning $15-$20k per month. It was at this point I decided to put school on hold and go full time into network marketing. 

The transition was far from smooth. 

I had a lot of growing to do, but it eventually paid off.

By the time I was 21 I had made my first million and then went on to make 5x that.

I was featured in the magazine Success From Home multiple times and was recognized as the #1 network marketer under the age of 30 in the U.S.A. and #2 worldwide.

After about 10 years in the MLM industry, I realized that I needed to start preparing for the shift that was happening NOT just in MLM but in every industry around the world.

Social media & technology has disrupted every business in one way or another. 

During the last 10 years, the outside world evolved, leaving the network marketing world in the prehistoric ages. Network marketing lives inside of a bubble, married to concepts and methods born in the 70’s and 80’s and changing the system is considered sacrilegious.

Sure people are making millions in network marketing, I was one of them. 

But the question I started to ask myself was, how much longer?

How long will these strategies work?
How long will these products and services be relevant?
How long before the FCC or company make a change causing a massive breakdown for the reps and their team.

One thing I'm driven by is the long-term play.
I hate wasting time. I value time more than money.

If people in the network marketing industry don't evolve their skills, systems, and strategies, then there will be no way for MLM companies to keep up.

With all the changes in technology, social media and digital marketing I knew I had to position myself. That’s when I started learning about new marketing strategies and how to use it to automate and scale the recruiting process.

For four years my network marketing business was my science lab, where I could try different tactics that were never taught or used by anyone else in MLM. 

I started to see how these disruptive strategies were the future and all entrepreneurs needed to use them. Not only did we grow rapidly but it also made the process more efficient. 

I’m thankful for the experience in network marketing because it taught me a lot. I learned how to build a massive sales team through raw, direct selling methods in a market that’s over saturated and over competitive. It sharpened me up & helped me discover my "unique abilities." 

I was able to master public speaking, sales, leadership, sales training, customer acquisition, recruiting and more. 

I was able to travel the world, meet all type of people and make millions of dollars. I got everything I wanted and more out of network marketing.

This transition segued into starting multiple online businesses putting into practice what I knew worked. And that was the big test.

Could I duplicate success in a completely different business by applying the same strategies?

My wife was the catalyst when she decided to launch her company D|ART cosmetics. 
She used her resources and knowledge to build it from scratch. 

Within a year D|ART generated incredible revenue in business all done hands-free by applying the same principles used in our MLM business

We sourced the products from a manufacturer, developed the brand identity, built the online store, created the marketing strategy to reach the right audience and eventually converted cold traffic into avid buyers.

This was the first taste of online e-com success. 

Because of our reputation, eventually, people started reaching out to us for help with their businesses. 

They wanted marketing, branding and social media services. 
So we decided to create The F.A.M.O.S. Group. 

F.A.M.O.S. is an acronym for Fully Automated Monetizing Optimized Systems.

Just as we built millions leveraging other people's efforts and systems, we now wanted to do the same through leveraging technology and the digital marketplace, hence how we came up with the name F.A.M.O.S.

Eventually, T.F.G. became a full stack agency resulting in massive growth. 
We grew so fast, we couldn't keep up, and eventually, it forced us to take a step back and reflect on whether we were really adding value to our clients.

Sure we could bring more prospects to a local business, but the real issue wasn't their marketing, it was their process for converting these prospects into actual customers.

We realized that these businesses needed more than just marketing services. 

They needed a partner. 
We decided to re-structure and re-define what we do and who we serve.

Whether its generating more sales, educating team members, creating accountability, incentives or developing an effective marketing strategy to acquire, keep and multiply your customer base we wanted to be a total solution to our client's businesses. 

This resulted in the creation of the consulting arm of The F.A.M.O.S. Group.
The F.A.M.O.S. Group specializes in Organizational Performance Optimization (OPO for short.) 

Every business owner wants to make more money without having to waste unnecessary resources, however, most business owners have no clue where to begin.

That's where we come in. 

We leverage the most powerful strategies in organizational, marketing and sales performance to create an environment that inspires and empowers its counterparts and most importantly produces results. 

This has become our passion, to see a business go from start to success.

We believe that businesses do more than just sell a product or provide a service. We believe a truly successful business puts adding value and making a lasting impact be the focal point of its existence.

Our responsibility at The F.A.M.O.S. Group is to help small business owners compete intelligently.

In the end, the “experiment” worked out. We were able to duplicate the same success in different businesses. That's how the "Freedom Formula" was born.

The Freedom Formula is the template that we used to build success in each business. 
We have simplified and structured  the process of creating "High Performance & High ROI" in any organization. 

Since then we've helped hundreds of people find success through "The Freedom Formula."  

Whether they're network marketers, traditional business owners or consultants. The Freedom Formula works!

This is just the beginning & we look forward to teaching and training others how to take advantage of the rapidly changing business landscape and position themselves as dominant players in their respective industries. 

Whether you're just starting in business or you're a seasoned expert, the content you'll find on my site is designed to equip and empower you not just in business, but in all aspects of success. 

I believe we are stepping into a new age of entrepreneurship, where the average person armed with the right skills and knowledge, will have the ability to compete with big corporate giants that run the world. 

The playing field has been leveled & the future belongs to those who are willing to take massive risk, break tradition and tap into a deeper purpose & mission. 

The world is yours,
LEARN HOW TO Leverage Social Media & Automation To Build A 6 Figure Income
This was just the tip of the iceberg of Max’s story. 

The rest of his story will be released in his upcoming book titled “Maximized.”

As as client of The FAMOS Group and personal friend of Max, I can tell you that what sets Max apart is how he can hybridize traditional bedrock sales strategies & cutting edge social mar-tech systems creating a high impact, high reach, and high ROI effect.

Max has a unique ability to empower and inspire people to raise their productivity and profitability first by looking at what’s woking then going deeper into how that is connected to what’s NOT. 

Usually what he uncovers is the hidden business assassin that’s lurking in the crevices of operational oversights and leadership gaps resulting in a business that is inconspicuously failing. This is what Max calls the “Disruption Method"

The disruption method was born from a combination of his father who is an eastern medical practitioner & Max’s own experience in building highly successful organizations from the bottom up. 

"The difference between western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine is that we tend to treat the condition (symptoms). Chinese medicine treats the whole body.” - Alyssa Erlandson

Max looks at a situation whether it’s business, sales, or relationship, as a “body.” 
From there he goes through an analysis to find “deficiencies” in the “body.”

Max find’s the cause and effect.
He says: "Thing’s don't just happen, they happen just. My job is to get to the root of it & uncover the true cause.
Just like my father taught me. There’s two ways to treat a patient. You can give him pills to mask the symptoms or you can treat him to eliminate the cause of the symptoms."

This process involves a deep dive into the "body" of the business. From the sales force, to the leadership, to the systems and environment, Max penetrates to the nuclear level of organizational performance and begins to “treat” the cause of the symptoms from the inside out. He leaves no stone unturned and handles the business as if it was his own. 

This results in a seesaw of break down and breakthroughs that is necessary for organizational growth. This process is the catalyst that allows for absolute optimization creating a future of accelerated growth and success. 
He says: “The formula for Organizational Performance Optimization (OPO) is surprisingly straight forward. The problem most entrepreneurs have is can’t see their blind spots that have them stuck and in most cases don’t even realize “who” the “enemy” is. 

This leads to self sabotage and a case of dog chasing it’s own tail. 
The vicious cycle of business is nothing new. 

Most companies go through their growth cycle then plateau and eventually decline and repeat again and again. 

Markets change, products change, economics change, but human behavior will never change.
Survival, status, success, and love are the triggers that move and motivate people to take an action. 

Any and All actions."

Max’s approach to “marketing and selling” leverages these triggers to create an effortless selling process that cuts through the prospects resistance like a samurai sword cuts through paper resulting in more growth, faster with less resources expended. It is business nirvana. 

He has helped a variety of clients in the real estate, legal, multi-level marketing, consulting, medical industry to disrupt their old models and replace them with timeless, tested and transformitive strategies.

Max says, "People come to me for all types of reasons.
Some need help with branding, some need marketing and some need help in sales and some even need life coaching.

The truth is they’re all one in the same. 

The problem isn’t marketing, or sales. It’s deeper than that. I find that it’s usually a structure problem.

If marketing is the roof and sales is the door, then structure is the foundation that both are standing on. 

One of my first realization about this was a when a client hired us to run their marketing. 
They owned a tax office and wanted to increase their sales for the upcoming tax season.
So my team and I executed. We delivered over 28,000 prospects within 90 days. The outcome…

The business owner could not handle all the appointments and clients resulting in losing business because she failed to meet her existing and new clients needs.

We delivered on the marketing, however they were not “structured” to handle the momentum.

It was in the disruption of their business that they realized they needed to re-structure internally.

That’s where we come in…We create structures for small businesses that want to grow."
Aside from business, Max is married to Deanna and together they run their companies while traveling and experiencing the world together.

Deanna is from Hawaii and has lived in L.A., Texas and Chicago. She got her start as a manager for MAC cosmetics. She was responsible for building teams and managing performance, she grew her locations to millions a month in sales and eventually went on to start D|ART cosmetics.

Max has a 4 year old daughter named Camille who’s full of energy, excitement and an awareness that you rarely find in kids her age. Max & Deanna live in Miami & spend about 100 days a year in Seattle where Camille lives. 

Max & Deanna say that, "The great thing about our businesses is that we can go anywhere we want & still run our companies without skipping a beat. 

This is truly the era of micro entrepreneurship. 
With technology allowing business owners to automate most of the day the day processes and the unlimited pool of talent around the world, you can build a multi million dollar business without ever leaving your home. This is exactly what we have done and now we help other businesses do the same."

Max & Deanna’s company, The F.A.M.O.S. Group focuses on working side by side with small business owners to help them simplify, structure and scale their businesses through organizational performance optimization (OPO)

Disruptive Marketing is their company that focuses on customer acquisition for their brand partners. Companies hire them to bring them customers for their products or services. is an educational platform where Max shares his strategies, experiences and knowledge through blogs, videos and online courses.

I hope that this short bio gave you a glimpse of who Max Knowles is. For more information check out Max's social channels and subscribe to his newsletter where you will get tremendous value and insight on how you can "Maximize" your life, business and purpose. 
"How to leverage social media & automation to Maximize Your Business"
The Freedom Formula is Max's proven strategy for helping business owners, network marketers and consultants/coaches increase their profits intelligently...Click the link to learn more
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