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3 Tips To Online Presenting
You Only Have 7 Seconds To Make A Strong First Impression. 
I would say if it's on the internet, it's even less!
Linkedin Vs. Facebook
Social media has become an entrepreneurs feeding ground. Creating an unprecedented opportunity to reach anyone, anywhere for free.
Momentum Tv - No Tricks Just Treats đź‘»
Written by Max Knowles October 31, 2018
In this episode of Momentum TV, max breaks down the 6 lessons you can take aways from Halloween to help you boost your business and sales!

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Written by Max Knowles October 30, 2018
You think about it day in and day out.
Planning for it, dreaming of it, and talking about it. 

People around you think you’re crazy because from the outside looking in, you’re consumed by it.

Maybe it’s a business that you’re getting into.
Maybe it’s a new relationship you’re excited about.
Or maybe it’s getting a new home or car.

Is obsession a bad thing?
Is it possible to be too obsessed? 
Written by Max Knowles August 29th 2018
Have You Been Scammed Too?
Is it a coincidence that 95% of people lose financially?
Is it a coincidence that 95% of people end up massively in debt?
Is it a coincidence that 95% of people with degrees never get rich?
Is it a coincidence that 95% of people work for the other 5%?
Written by Max Knowles August 22, 2018
How did Allen Iverson & Mike Tyson lose their fortunes? These guys made hundreds of millions in their career only to end up broke. In this episode, Max uncovers the reason why & how you can begin the journey of creating real, lasting wealth through understanding "The Financial Thermostat."
Written by Max Knowles August 21, 2018
It’s almost been 100 years since MLM first emerged!

So much has changed, yet so much has stayed the same. The power of MLM has always been its business model. Develop A quality product, recruit ambitious freedom motivated people who want more out of life and provide them unlimited income opportunity based on their efforts and performance. MLM truly leverages the “entrepreneurial spirit”

Written by Max Knowles on August 1, 2018
We all have dreams, dreams of having an exceptional life, where our personal, professional and spiritual growth is on point, satisfying and secure. We all envision ourselves having every area of our lives fulfilled.  

But that is only a dream.

Written by Max Knowles July 27th 2018
If you have recently started reading and learning more about social media, you will know that Instagram in June, this year, hit 1 billion active users. 

Yes, 1 billion.
Written by Max Knowles on July 22, 2018
Over the past decade, social media has taken over the world exponentially with its power of connecting people. And we all love being on it! 

Facebook, which back in 2004 only had 1 million users, now has over 2 billion registered users with 1 billion daily active users. On the other hand, Facebook's Instagram recently hit 1 billion active users as well, while Twitter is catering to roughly 330 million monthly users.

Written by Max Knowles on July 12, 2018
Entrepreneurship has broken through to become one of the most desired life paths in the 20th century. Everyone wants to live the idea of being their own boss, make tons of money, travel the world and enjoy a beautiful life. 
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