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How to Use Social Media to Make Millions?
Written by Max Knowles on July 22th 2018
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Over the past decade, social media has taken over the world exponentially with its power of connecting people. And we all love being on it! 

Facebook, which back in 2004 only had 1 million users, now has over 2 billion registered users with 1 billion daily active users. On the other hand, Facebook's Instagram recently hit 1 billion active users as well, while Twitter is catering to roughly 330 million monthly users. 

These statistics are nothing but jaw-dropping!

With such rapid growth and audience, comes opportunities for individuals and businesses to monetize on social media to potentially make millions and I will teach you exactly how.

So, how do you penetrate through such a massive audience and be recognized and essentially make millions using social media?

Back in the late 2000s, using the fundamentals of social media to engage with users, showed terrific results for me. I grew my following on social media majorly, and from 2010 to 2014, social media helped me generate 3 million in added income.

Hence, one lesson I got out of working on social media is that it is not only a tool to influence the world but also to increase your income. And to do so, you must follow the three-step process that helps you get there.

Step 1: Get More Followers

Before learning a way to increase the number of your social media followers, it is essential for everyone to understand the 'snowball effect.'

Metaphorically, the snowball effect is a process which begins at a minute scale but continues to become larger as it starts to roll further and that is precisely how you need to look at your social media following.

Let’s face it, starting off social media for your business can be demotivating. You think you are using the right hashtags, posting consistently and liking relevant pages by others too, but the return is insignificant.

Despite moving in the general direction, this only means that you are impatient. Patience is essential to starting social media as the snowball effect takes place gradually.

To make understanding the method to gain more social media followers easy for you, I want to introduce you to my CAOS theory. (Yes, I know my CAOS does not have H in it, but it is the way to go).

CAOS is an abbreviation for Create, Attract, Optimize, Scale.

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Let’s take a closer look at all of them.

Create: With as many active users as social media has today, it is no surprise that there is a ton of content being produced. Content has been feeding social media platforms and its users with everything they need – from information to entertainment, from thoughtful analysis to just-for-fun content they can share.

For your content to stand out in social media, you need a simple combination of two things: educate & entertain, in turn, edutain them!

If you are creating content which has already been on the internet multiple times or does not have that kick, then you are doing it wrong.

Now, I know you must be thinking that to create viral content, you may need to be a creative person but that is not true.

To create edutaining content, keep your message relevant. For example, if you go into Instagram, you can search by using hashtags, and if you are running a page which revolves around fashion, you can find content in tags like #gucci, #louisvuitton, #zara, #lifestyle, etc.

Now that you know what people enjoy on a social network, you use the same concepts.

Tip: Post images that are taken in good lighting, are high-quality and relevant.

Attract: Once you know you have the right content all set and posted, now it is time to analyze it. If you already have ten posts on your Instagram profile, you must continue to revisit your posts and see which post performed best and under which hashtags.

For example, if you ever posted a picture with your family and got 1,000 likes against a photo of your pet which only got 100 – you know what is winning clearly.

Optimize: Now that you have been running your social media page/profile with relevant, high-quality content and posting attractive content, it is time to optimize.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, you will have enough content posted to understand patterns. What post is your audience responding to, at what times are best to post and what descriptions are bringing in more engagement?

To polish your social media optimization, you must keep a close eye on the analytics all social media platforms provide, if you have a business profile. Learning analytics, from impressions to clicks and shares, gives you a better sense of how you are going to move forward.

Scaling: Along with being a strategy, scaling is a result of the first three parts of the CAOS theory. Now that you are creating relevant, attractive content and consistently optimizing it, you will notice that every time you post, the engagement is much higher compared to day one.

Step 2: Engage with the Right People

Social media is a place where billions of people connect with different mindsets, interests, and preferences. Hence, if you are maneuvering in the wrong network of people who are not interested in the content you are posting, you are not going to get the engagement you desire.

It took me a long time to understand how social media giants, like Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone, get all the engagement that they want beyond the number of followers they have.

The idea here is to be sure that you have an accumulation of like-minded followers. 

So, how exactly do you engage with the right people?

Here is the secret: Boost Post.

With social media, there comes a point where hashtags and organic marketing only gets you so far. Hence, you use advertising tools that platforms like Facebook and Instagram give you. To start engaging with the right people via advertising, you need to take the first step of developing ‘user personas.’

Here is an example to help you out!

If you are running a fashion page specific to women, to start off creating a user persona, develop an imaginary character and let’s call her ‘Emily.’ Emily is 26 years old and loves fashion. Some of her favorite brands are Zara, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

More so, Emily is happily married and has a beautiful baby boy.

Now, once, you have set the ideal persona for your fashion page, you will use the above description to advertise to similar women like Emily.

When you continue to optimize your advertising to engage with the right people, you will begin to gather individuals who are interested in following you instead of individuals who may follow you for a follow.

In turn, your page begins to grow faster as now you only have fans who like everything your page is about.

max knowles, max knowles blog,

3. Make Money

Now, I understand you are not making all this effort to have fun, you have a plan to make money off it. You look at entrepreneurs on Instagram, online business owners on Facebook and influencers on Twitter and want to take a stance in your life and be your own boss.

Making money using social media is as ideal as it will get. But how?

Once the above methods and processes are followed, now you know you are gaining attention and followers. There are multiple ways to make money using social media, and it entirely depends on what you intend to achieve.

If you are a small business reverting to social media to expand your business, you need leads.

Gaining grounds on social media will help you redirect followers, who love your business, onto your landing page where you can either have them purchase your service or sign up for a newsletter.

Attaining this information will allow you to develop more personalized relationships with your potential customers and make sales faster.

On the other hand, influencer marketing has taken over traditional forms of marketing by storm.

Over the years, we’ve met with thousands of individuals with robust, strong profiles/pages on social media networks with the right audience that have become a brand’s necessity.

For example, if a fashion brand is looking to expand into a specific audience, rather than working on building their own audience via ads or organically, they will pay an influencer to market their product.

If you have an Instagram page/profile with over 15,000 followers, you can charge brands and businesses per post to showcase their products to your audience.

More so, if you are a blogger, you still need social media to make money. With a significant following on social media, you can redirect followers to your blog where you can monetize using Google Ads, Facebook Instant Articles and affiliate links via platforms like ShopStyle.

Social media stands to be an open opportunity for all to make the money they desire. Primarily, all that you require to gain the rank is patience, high-quality attractive content, and consistency.

Using the above techniques have worked for me repeatedly and I want to help all of you get the best out of social media too. Sign up to our pre-launch list to get a blueprint on how to use social media to make millions!

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