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"The Perfect Life"
Written by Max Knowles on August 1, 2018

We all have dreams, dreams of having an exceptional life, where our personal, professional and spiritual growth is on point, satisfying and secure. We all envision ourselves of having every area of our lives fulfilled.  

But that is only a dream.

The world’s entire population is sharing a similar dream like that with you, but how do you get to it and achieve this dream?

Success is not complicated, not as complicated as we make it. It is simple.

There are two types of individuals in life; dreamers and creators.

So, what differentiates a dreamer from the creator, despite having the same dream?

Dreamers are only those individuals who would ‘like’ to have the life stated above while on the other hand, creators are going to work every day trying to convert their dream into a reality and reverse engineer the entire process of getting to it.

The only problem with dreamers is that they only behold the capacity to ‘dream.’

Given the number of times, young professionals and entrepreneurs have asked me, ‘Max, how do we achieve our dreams and create the perfect life for ourselves?’, I thought I should share the fundamentals with everyone today.

Hence, I write to share my experience with you and dedicate this post to every individual who wishes to grow further and establish a perfect life for themselves.

I want to focus on a simple question, ‘How do you create the perfect life for yourself?’

Note: Our focus keyword in the above question is ‘create.’

What your future holds for you, is what you do today. Your future is a compilation of how you spend every second, minute, hour and day today.

To create the perfect life, you need to focus on mastering your everyday.

My Personal Experience

Nine years ago, I was struggling in every aspect of my life, where I was unable to do the business I wished to do, be in a relationship I would have focused on more and have the sense of self-growth. It was indeed a dark time.

However, in my mind, I was working hard. I was putting in the hours (mostly into my business), day in and day out. However; it soon began to feel like being a Ferrari without gas.

max knowles, max knowles blog,

I stopped getting the results, and this period went on to span over a year, to a point where I was about to quit everything, thinking it is not for me.

Just before setting myself to quit, I thought to reach out to a mentor, one last time.

Suggestion: If you do not have a mentor yet, find one.

At the time, my mentor was a performance coach who had worked with top-level executives and professional athletes to get them to achieve at high levels.

After hearing me out, my mentor showed me a whole new path towards my future.

She walked me to a point where I would understand that I was not powerful in taking action and that power she spoke of could only come from being inspired. At the time, my dreams and my goals in life were not inspiring at all, almost as if, it was a dream I did not want to achieve.

When your future life inspires you, you will consider an entirely new dimension of effectiveness in every action you take.

Hence, the first activity my mentor had me work on was to write my desired future life down, entailing my personal, professional and spiritual growth, in the form of a script.

Upon its completion, I read the script day and night, preparing and training my sub-conscious mind to work on the dream at every moment.

So, what happened over time after this practice?

Compared to when I was struggling, where I was pessimistic, reading my script made me feel more empowered and energized, and got me to work on my destiny.

And this is the first step you take, in other words, take this inspiration and bottle it up.

Learn how to switch on and generate inspiration from your future life which you envision. Here you will begin to program your subconscious mind to know what you wish to achieve by repeatedly reading your goals.

max knowles, max knowles blog,

Once you have taken care of this step, move ahead to the essential part of creating the perfect life: T&E.

T&E is an abbreviation for Time and Energy.

In this part of the activity, you learn and work on how you utilize your time, each day to reach your goals.

Given how you utilize 24 hours of your day determines what you will achieve in life, so, it begs the question. How are you using your day?

To paint a clearer picture for you to understand how one can utilize their day to achieve their goals, I thought it would be a great starting point for you to know how I began to use my time, after scripting out my future and working on it.

I broke my day down into four segments or four buckets most important to me.

The Self–Growth Bucket: I always knew that to establish the perfect life I envisioned, I had to grow at an individual level. This part of my future beheld learning new traits which would help me as an individual, including focusing on my mind, body, and health. I began to eat a lot healthier than I was before (yes, I was overweight) and started hitting the gym.

More so, I was reading more to secure my knowledge growth. However; I made sure to focus on the right elements. During this time, I learned about Tony Robbins’ Hour of Power.

The Business Bucket: All this bucket had was my career, my business and everything I was pursuing in it. Given the line of work I am in, the customers are not awake, well as early as I am, but from noon to 9 to 10 P.M. I would only work.

This segment was when I focused on the profits and revenue.

Once, the business day ended for me; I would completely detach myself and cut myself off.

The Relationship Bucket: This is the starting point for my relationship segment, where I would spend the rest of the time with my family and my friends. It is crucial in this segment to keep yourself away from work and entirely focus on building and strengthen your relationships.

max knowles, max knowles blog,

The Spirituality Bucket: Although for me, my fourth segment of the day was merged with the first where I was focusing on self-growth, one can most certainly spend extra time on this segment.

Because of this day to day accomplishment, within 6 to 8 months I was able to grow my business exponentially, yes, that is less compared to the time I was struggling. All this because of the power of inspiration.

Every day that I woke up, I showed up to work, on a mission.

Often, the idea of success is over complicated due to no one having a formula for it nor a precise definition. Success is simple and getting to it too.

Scripting your future and writing your destiny is the first step to getting to success. Once your script is powerful enough to inspire you every morning, it will drive you to success.


If you are starting your own business or are struggling to grow in one which you have already established, it is essential for you first to set the right goals. Regardless of which industry your business relates to or what part of the world you are doing your business in, if you are not moving forward with the right goals, you are only going to get so far.

However, yes, creating a perfect life does not only relate to business. As mentioned above, an ideal life pertains to working as hard on your relationships and self-growth as much as you would on your business.

With all these areas or segments mastered, your life will evolve into feeling perfect. The contradictions and complications from your life will merge out to the unknown, and you will feel more satisfied and closer to your goals.

So, moving forward, go ahead and script your future life. Write down about every segment of your life and how you would wish for it to be. Once this part of the activity is complete, move onto working on it everyday.

It changed my life and it will change yours too.

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